Many people desire to work as a nurse, but not all follow through since they believe it will take a while to get their nursing license. Fortunately, a two-year nursing degree can be used to obtain an entry-level nursing position.

General Requirements

Associate degrees in nursing are two-year programs primarily intended to teach students the fundamentals of nursing, including theoretical and clinical expertise. You must have earned your high school diploma or the GED to pursue an associate in nursing (ASN) or degree in nursing (AND).

Prerequisites for math

Before being accepted into an associate’s degree program, some nursing schools require you to complete college algebra and nursing math. Nursing math used to be a part of the degree program, but nowadays, it’s more likely to be necessary before enrolling in the program. In contrast to other math courses, nursing math requires you to understand how to compute IV flow rates, medicine dosages, and other calculations frequently used by nurses. Depending on your school’s requirements, you might also be required to take statistics or other math classes. To be accepted into 2-year nursing programs, students must typically get a grade of B or above in these courses.

prerequisites for science

Most students have taken several science courses before enrolling in nursing school. In these general science classes, students will learn the fundamentals of the human body’s structure and functions. Furthermore, in science courses like chemistry, students learn about the reactions of various substances. Some universities also demand classes in biochemistry and organic chemistry. Therefore, a combined course created especially for healthcare professionals is typically a suitable replacement.

You will be expected to take microbiology or bacteriology courses once accepted into a two-year nursing program. In these courses, you will study microscopic organisms, disease-causing microorganisms, and how to eradicate these microscopic invaders.

Clinical Education

No matter where you earn your degree, you must complete clinical experience before receiving your associate’s in nursing. The number of hours you must complete before you may apply for and get a nursing license varies by state. In a clinical setting, you will have to give patients direct care. This general phrase covers clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and doctor’s offices.

Additionally, you will need to be under the supervision of a clinical teacher who will make sure you have displayed the necessary clinical abilities. You’ll need to become proficient in various abilities, such as inserting and removing urinary catheters, changing bandages, and administering intramuscular injections. Additionally, you’ll need to demonstrate your understanding of pharmacological therapies and your ability to create nursing care plans for patients.

When I Graduate

Aspiring nurses frequently follow the Associate’s Degree in Nursing route. You’ll discover that most technical and community institutions provide Nursing Degree in Pasadena at reasonable prices. Depending on the courses you studied during your program, you will either be licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) once you graduate and take the NCLEX nursing exam.

Due to the nation’s nursing shortage and the excellent training you receive in these programs, freshly graduated nurses will discover that they have a wide range of employment options and are immediately marketable. Many associate-degreed nurses choose to further their studies while pursuing their employment. A two-year associate’s degree is an excellent starting point for a four-year bachelor of science in a nursing program.

A meaningful profession in nursing delivers personal fulfillment and a fair living wage and is almost recession-proof. Get started on the 2-year nursing degree path immediately if you feel a call to this field or want to switch to a more satisfying profession than the one you are now in. Get in touch with your neighborhood community college or technical school for more information.



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